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Bright steel wire ropes without surface treatment, are made of quality high carbon steel and fully lubricated to protect the rope from corrosion.

Galvanized wire ropes with zinc coating for higher strength and excellent corrosion resistance are ideal for various general engineering applications.

Stainless steel wire ropes with better corrosion resistance are ideal for marine, decoration, architectural and other various applications.

Compacted wire ropes with crimped outer strands feature flattened surface, increase tensile strength and lateral compression strength, etc.

Rotation resistant wire ropes with outer strands twisted in the opposite direction to inner strands can minimize the tendency to spin and rotation.

Coated steel wire ropes are jacketed with PVC, polypropylene, nylon and other custom coatings in various colors for corrosion and wear resistance.

Mining wire ropes made of quality high carbon wires, are capable to withstand rugged working environments of surface and underground mining.

Elevator wire ropes with parallel laid structures, are available in six, eight and nine strands with FC or IWRC for different elevator applications.

Crane wire ropes are designed for providing a smooth conduct of work process of offshore cranes, container cranes, dockside cranes.

Gas & oilfield steel wire ropes are designed with higher breaking strength, excellent flexibility and longevity for rotary drilling and platforms.